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MJ SHAW, Artist


Have you ever just said something to someone and later asked yourself----now where did that come from? Well, several years ago, I turned to my husband Jim, and said "I would like to learn to paint". Now where in the world did that statement come from, as I had never thought about painting. I happened to mention this several weeks before Mother's Day. Well, being the devoted and supportive husband that describes Jim, I opened a box  on Mother's Day from my children (my 2 black labs) that Jim had arranged for them to give me and in that box were paints, canvases, and brushes. I was very surprised and shocked, as I didn't know what to do with any of the contents.

Well, Jim had to go out of town the Tuesday after Mother's Day, so that night after dinner and a glass or two of wine, I got out my gift box. I sat at the kitchen table (thank goodness it was glass), unwrapped everything and said to myself "now, what do I do"? I decided that I would think of a theme or phrase and try to put my thoughts from that theme on canvas. Well, I struggled trying to be creative and I finished my first painting. I was exhausted after that experience. Isn't painting supposed to be relaxing and carefree? Isn't it supposed to make you get rid of stress?


The next day I looked in the phone book to find an art shop close to my home. I called and the  lady said that she was about to close. I explained to her about my new "painting adventure" and she told me to hurry to the store and she would wait for me. You see, I wanted to give Jim my first painting when he came home later that night. Anyway, I made it to the shop. Victoria waited for me and framed the painting. That was a special day for me, as I started a new hobby in painting which I love, I made a new friend named Victoria, who is so special to me and is one of my biggest supporters.

I am all about color. Anything bright and cheerful. I have never had a lesson. I just sit at my art table----yes it happens to be the old kitchen table, but now I have an easel. I don't always paint to themes or phrases, but I usually name my paintings. I just create and it is fun. I have started painting on wood and that has been different and enjoyable. I still frame all of my canvas pieces, as I feel that the frame I select finishes the art.

Oh, don't ask me to paint a dog, cat, a tree, or even an apple. I simply can't do that. Just let me paint what I feel or what feels good to me, and you might see one or two that you like.

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